Elizabeth Miller Presbyterate Ordination

August 18, 2012

Church Sancturary

Chalice and Paten


Chasuble and Stole

Welcome Brochures



Altar with Book of the Gospels


Archbishop Johnson, Msgrs Art Spring  and Rev. Vince Robinson

Blessing the New Items

Blessing the Chalice and Paten


Announcement of the 'Akipihopa

Deacon Liz, Soon to be Rev. Liz Priest


'Akipihopa Johnson Giving the Homily

Oath of Obedience


Signing the Oath Documents

Litany of Saints


Laying on of Hands

Investiture of the Stole


Investiture of the Chasuble

Anointing of the Hands


Binding of the Hands with the Maniturgium

The Great Amen

Distributing the Body of Christ

Rev. Liz First Blessing of Rev. Jack

(From Left to Right)

Rev. Tim Janning, Rev. Kathleen MacPherson, Rev. Jack Miller, Rev. Liz Miller

Archbishop Johnson, Msgr. Art Spring, Rev. Vince Robinson, Episcopal Deacon Dennis Taylor


Rev. Jack and Liz Miller