A Message From

The Office Of The Presiding Archbishop



on the

Election of Francis I - Bishop of Rome


March 13, 2013


13 MAR 13 Ė Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

 For Immediate Release

 RE: Congratulations on the Election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Bishop of Rome Francis I

 As Presiding Archbishop of the American Catholic Church in the United States, I wish the new Patriarch of the West, Francis I well in his new ministry. 

As Bishop Among Equals, he carries the same duties and expectations as any Bishop who was Consecrated to the Office.  I pray that Francis I  will serve All the People of God with love and Compassion and lead the Holy Roman Catholic Church into a new direction which is all inclusive and protects Godís people from all abuses.

 May God Bless Francis I  and give him many years!


Most Rev. William A. Johnson, D.D.

Presiding Archbishop - ACCUS