The American Catholic Church in the United States | Vocations
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“Come follow me….”


The calling to the priesthood and clerical state are two ways that this call can be fulfilled. The Priesthood and Clerical State within the American Catholic Church in the United States can be one of excitement and challenge. Our Priests, Brothers and Sisters engage in secular employment for their livelihood. This secular employment also gives us the opportunity to be in tune with the world; its challenges, joys and disappointments. It gives us the opportunity to mingle with “The People Of God” on a daily basis and to be available to minister to the needs of individuals as they arise.


As a priest, brother or sister you live with your spouse and family; enjoying the benefits of a family and a partner. This opportunity allows one to know and understand the family unit. When called upon to minister to the greater family of God one knows the trials, joys, and love that can come from a life that is spent with another. This helps to share life experiences in the ministry of counseling.


Within the American Catholic Church in the United States, there is no exclusion of individuals to a vocation that they feel they are being called to by God. One can live a celibate or married life, which are not obstacles to this vocation.


Incardination is also acceptable in The American Catholic Church in the United States. Incardination is the process by which a bishop, priest, or deacon from another Catholic Church with apostolic succession; whether that be Independent Catholic, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican; is accepted into this branch of the Catholic Church.


Please be advised that at this time the ACCUS is NOT accepting applications for Bishop Incardinations.


     We welcome inquires from those who wish to accept the call of Christ “Come Follow Me”.


For more information and an application for Orders, Clerical State or Incardination in The American Catholic Church in the United States, write to:

Vocation Director
American Catholic Church in the United States
2571 S 89th St
Milwaukee, WI 53227


Because of confidentiality, we ask that formal, private, and sensitive requests be done in writing and through the regular mail.

E-mail is not a guarantee of confidentiality but is acceptable.