The American Catholic Church in the United States | Memorial
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“We ask that you watch over those who have gone before us,
Especially those for whom we now pray…”

Archbishop Lawrence J. Harms, D.D.


The Students and Families of All School Shootings
All who lost their lives on September 11, 2001
All who have died in War
Alexy II – Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church
Anthony Allen
William Au Hoon Jr.
Reverend Sister Mary Francis Aymard
Alice Batie
Judy Bauer
Faye Beecher
Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, Archbishop of Chicago
Adam Binder
Donna Gay Bisett
Most Reverend Robert B. Board
Ruth Boss
Melvin Barnes Britt
Sister Mary Clarina Burns
Dr. Dana Cable
Thomas Cendrosky
Reverend Brother Bernard Charles
Reverend Sister Mary Concordia
Tony Cubellis
Lori Davis
Todd Davis
Beatrice Deifel
Ken Dell
Josephine DiFraia
James A. Dodd
Veronica Dougherty
Reverend Father Phillip J. Dwyer
Kym Fox
Clara Fultz
Reverend Wayne Funk
Marie Gass
Paul Geiger
Mary Lee Gilles
Nancy Elizabeth Gonzalez
Reverend Jose Gonzalez (ACCUS)
Anna R. Gravatt
Oscar Grossman
Orrell Gunderson
Terese Haimann
Milton (Skip) Vernon Hancock III
John Frederick Harms, Jr.
John William Harms, Sr
Reverend Father Robert Hart
Reverend Father Francis Hoar
Dorothy Hom
Marion Hunt
Rick Hyde
Emma E. Irvin
Paul Irvin
William F. Irvin
John Paul II, Bishop of Rome – Patriarch of the West
Kari Jarzombek
Joyce Martha Johnson
Leonard Johnson, Sr.
Reverend Margaret F. Johnson, Deacon (ACCUS)
Ronald Johnson
Allen Kasten
Sue Kincade
Eva Kraft
Georgianna Krick
Alberta Mae Lamb
Reverend Gustave (Gus) M. Lapeyrouse (ACCUS)
Natalie McGhee Latakos
Julie LaTour
Richard H. LeGore
Most Reverend Raymond A. Lucker, Bishop of New Ulm
Most Reverend James Lyke
Deborah Lyne
John Malinverno
Jack F. Mason
Charlotte Mathews
David Lee Mathias
Dave McElhatton
Josef Mickievicz
Berkeley Miller
Vincente Mondragon
Jose Mondragon
Luz Mondragon
James W. Morgan
Rev. Msgr. Phil Murnion
Rev. Rick Nare
Mary Lee Neil
James Patrick Nelan
Ann North
Clay North
Clare O’Brien
Richard O’Connell
Maiko Otowa
Patty Parker
Jack Pellett
Cecelia Perkins
Carl Peterson
Metropolitan Nicholas Poulas
Howard Rhodes
Jane Richey
Leonard T. Richey
Most Reverend John Roach,
Archbishop of St Paul & Minneapolis
John A. Robinson
Lorraine Robinson
Mae LeGore-Robinson
Pius J. Robinson
Sarah E. Robinson
Eleanor Royse
Leonard Royse
Theresa Anne Rust
Most Reverend Joseph T. Ryan, Archbishop
Reverend Wallace E. Sawdy
Helen Schnetter
James Schelsky
Martha Schlenker(Schelsky)
Kevin E. Sites
Jacqueline Soper
Rosie Spring
Mrs. Mary Stroup
Clarence Warrington
Brother Wayne Teasdale
Laura Tedesco
Most Reverend Kenneth E. Untener, Bishop of Saginaw
Juan R. Vincente
Marcelino R. Vincente
Reverend Vogeler, Minister
Elizabeth Wambach
Emma Wambach
Katherine Wambach
Louis Wambach, Sr.
Minnie Wambach
Virginia Wambach
Hal Wrede
Fred Whiteman
Dorothy Wiles
Philip Williams
Florence Wintjen-Harms
Karen Lynn Wrede
Sally Zocholl